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Merry Marvels - A Marvel Comics Holiday Fic Exchan

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Fic: Case File 2278: Parker (Peter Parker, May Parker)
milleniumrex wrote in merry_marvels
Title: Case File 2278: Parker
Author: milleniumrex
Recipient: liliaeth
Prompt: Ultimatum didn't happen, when the cops come for May, Peter's at home and he's asked to come along peacefully. I want to see the cops interrogating Peter and May trying to protect him.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1288
Characters: Peter Parker, May Parker
Warnings, if including any non-con/dub-con/etc.: None
Summary: May had struggled with raising a teenage superhero, being unable to protect him. But staring down the NYPD was something she COULD do.

Peter blinked as the bright light was shone in his face.

"So, wow, you've got the interview spotlight and everything? Are you going to offer me a cup of coffee before your partner comes in and hits me with a phone book?"

"Knock it off, kid." The policeman sat down at the table and fixed Peter with a stern gaze. "Do you know why you're here?"

"Not really? I mean, if this is because I lost that copy of Green Eggs and Ham when I was six, I knew Ms. Macinerny was strict, but this seems a little - "

The policeman reached below the desk and pulled out a box. Inside it were samples of webbing, a tattered Spider-man mask, and a broken web-shooter. Peter forced himself to keep his face sober, knowing that one expression of recognition could ruin everything.

"Any of this look familiar to you? We've been collecting it for the last year, from every crime scene Spider-man paid a visit to. And you know what? The one face we always seem to catch in the crowd before Spider-man makes his appearance...is you."

"I guess I attract Supervillains?" Peter shrugged. "Look, I'd love it if I was Spider-man. It would make my life a lot easier, am I right? But I'm not."

"Hm." The policeman tucked the box under the desk and eyed Peter for any signs of stress. If the boy was lying, he was doing a pretty good job of it. Probably had practice, if he was keeping his identity a secret from other people. A part of this interrogation didn't seem right to him. He had a boy not much older than this Peter Parker, in college, and the idea of his son being a superhero was alternately terrifying and hilarious. Most teenagers didn't have the ambition to do much more than shoot for the latest high-score chart. Was Peter Parker really so different to be able to be Spider-man for the better part of a year? And if he was...wasn't that something to be celebrated rather than prosecuted? The law was clear. Vigilante activities were illegal. But at the same time, he couldn't count how many times Spider-man had saved one of his fellow men in blue. And regardless of what J. Jonah Jameson said, he had a strong feeling which side Spider-man was on.

Peter slumped back in his chair, trying to get a read on the officer. He'd dealt with cops as Spider-man before, but as Peter? He hadn't been this close to being in trouble with the law since the time Harry had gotten them into trouble by chucking a soda can at a cop car when they were 12. And he had a sneaking suspicion that if the police found out the truth, he'd be in a lot more trouble than the stern lecture he'd gotten from Uncle Ben that day.


May Parker was a terrible liar. Oh, she had tried several times in their life, such as when she told Ben that she loved his kitschy taste in ties, but she knew she was no good at it. This was worrisome, considering that she was now lying for her and her nephew's lives.

"I don't know how many times I have to tell you this, Ma'am. I've raised Peter since he was a young boy. I think I'd know if Spider-man was living under my roof."

The policewoman shrugged as she sipped her coffee. "Kids can be pretty clever. Are you sure there's no way he could have slipped out long enough for you to miss this?"

"Every night for the last year?" May asked incredulously. "Of course not!"

The ironic part, May thought, was that this incredibly unlikely scenario was exactly what had happened. For almost a year, Peter had kept this part of his life from her. She had suspected all sorts of things. Drugs, crime, depression...but never this. When she had found out, she wasn't proud of the way she reacted. She and Peter had patched things up, but there was always that nagging guilt. That was a big part of why she was so determined right now to keep his secret at all costs. He deserved a safe home to come back to every night when he was finished keeping the city safe. She would NOT let that be taken away from him.

"And these files show you've recently taken in a foster child, Ms. Parker? A Gwen Stacy, age 16?"

"Yes. She's been with us for about six months now. I don't see what that has - "

"Six months with a three-month gap in the middle, as far as I can see." The policewoman dropped a file on the table. "This is Miss Stacy's death certificate. It says here she was killed by a creature that was then defeated by Spider-man. And these are her school enrollment papers from last week. She was found in a recent battle with a similar creature...and Spider-man. I'm really supposed to believe that all this is a coincidence?"

"We live in a crazy world, Ma'am." May fixed the policewoman with a firm gaze. "Do you think I don't know this? I don't know who Spider-man is, but I do know that he has far better things to do than sit in this police station being grilled. Say you're right, and my nephew is Spider-man - how many lives do you think were lost in the three hours you've been holding him here? How many crimes went unsolved?"

"Ma'am - "

"I'm not done. Peter is not Spider-man, but if he was? Well, I'd be working just as hard to protect him. The only thing I care about is making sure that my kids are safe. So unless you've got some hard evidence that you can take to a judge, I suggest you release us. Now. And don't even THINK about bringing Gwen in to put her through all this - the poor girl's been through enough."

As May stared down the policewoman, the officer sighed. The arresting officer was right - this woman was not easy to intimidate.


"All right, here are your bags. You're free to go. We'll be in touch if we have any follow-up questions."

Peter and May grabbed their belongings. It hadn't been easy to talk their way out of this fix, but their suspicions were right - the police didn't have anything more than circumstantial evidence tying Peter to Spider-man. They'd have to watch their backs, but they were safe for now.

It was raining lightly as they stepped out of the downtown police precinct. Peter looked nervously at his Aunt.

"Do you think they're going to be watching?"

"Most likely. I guess that means you'll just have to be careful, right?"

"I always am."

Suddenly, a siren could be heard in the distance. Peter reached into his backpack.

"You had your costume with you?" May gasped. "What if they found it?"

"Relax." Peter grinned as he pulled it out of a hidden compartment at the bottom of his backpack. "Fake bottom. Every superhero needs one."

"I certainly hope you're not hiding anything else down there."

"Who, me?" Peter looked around for an alley to change in. "I'll try to be home for dinner. Say hi to Gwen for me."

"Of course. You'll be careful, won't you?"

"Always am."

Peter darted into a nearby alley. A minute later, Spider-man swung overhead. May looked up at her nephew - her son, in every way that mattered - and said a silent prayer to whoever was watching for his safety. He did so much, protected so many. The least she could do was protect him, any way she could.

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awesome, I love this, thanks for writing it :-)

Thanks! Glad you liked it! :)

Love for this! Ultimate Aunt May is so badass. :)

She really is. :D I don't like 616 Aunt May, but in the Ultimate verse, she rocks. A lot. :)

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