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merry_marvels's Journal

Merry Marvels - A Marvel Comics Holiday Fic Exchan
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This is a Marvel Comics-based Holiday secret santa for fanfiction
This is a Marvel Comics-based Secret Santa fic exchange. In recent years, Yuletide has eliminated most Marvel fandoms due to their popularity. But until now, Marvel has not had a secret santa all to their own much like jbbs. This community aims to fix that!

The plan is for Merry Marvels to run concurrently with yuletide, jbbs, 3_ships, and other fic exchanges during the holiday season. But since we're just setting up now, the first exchange will be known as "Marvelous New Year" and will take place early in 2010. This is a test run of sorts to get ready for the first holiday run at the end of this year.

The exchange will be open to all Marvel Comics fandoms, as well as any TV show based on a Marvel Comic. Marvel movies will not be included, since the wonderful ficwize already runs an exchange devoted to them.

Signup details will be posted in the community shortly! Anyone can join, but all new posts are moderated to make it easier for me to release all the fics on the same day. This front page will be edited with new details as the exchange moves forward.